Aeration provides air to your lawn by placing holes or “plugs” in your lawn, promoting root growth and decreasing water run-off. Your water usage is less and your lawn grows healthier, warding off expensive pests and weeds. Your local water district recommends aerating your lawn 2-3 times per year.


All lawns over time grow a build-up of dead, brown lawn called “thatch”, a perfect home for grub worms and other pests. To de-thatch your lawn we use a power-raking machine that pulls out the thatch, leaving healthy, green lawn. Regular aeration & fertilization keeps thatch build-up to a minimum.

Re-seeding & Top-dressing

In this process we have likely already scored the ground with the de-thatcher, then we liberally apply the perfect seed mixture and top it off with a nutrient-rich, premium, top-soil. Re-seeding breathes new life into your lawn, and is much less expensive and drastic than putting in a whole new lawn. This process is also successful for those lawns that have brown spots or weak growth areas.

Weekly Total Yard Care

Weekly total yard care focuses on making your lawn the best in the neighborhood. This service can include trimming hedges, weed-control, fertilization, raking leaves, pruning flowers or other projects your yard may require. We talk at length with you about your needs. We are reliable, professional, english-speaking, licensed and provide much more than your average “mow, blow and go” lawn service.

Year-‘Round Fertilization Program

Routine fertilization creates a dense, healthy, green lawn, which thwarts pests and other diseases. Unfortunately most people don’t remember when they fertilized last, or when they should again. Basically, you give us permission to stop by every 6-8 weeks to feed your lawn, automatically. You pay the agreed-upon price as we go. You can cancel at any time with a phone call.

Landscape “Facelifts”

With water costing a lot, and considering your demanding schedule, it may be time to reconsider the layout and design of your landscaping. In the facelift process, we utilize the spaces you already have, but change the softscape by installing new plants, pathways and common use areas. A more drought-tolerant design will save you time and money! We are a licensed landscape contractor and will work closely with you to determine your ideas and uses for your yard.

Other Services:

  • Total Lawn Renovation

  • Garden Design & Prep

  • Intermittent Yard Clean-Ups

  • Grub Worm Control

  • Landscape Real Estate Staging